Friday, September 11, 2009

Easy Workout

As with most of us, it's not easy keeping ourselves active and fit in order to maintain good health. Especially if you're like most who live with a hectic schedule and find it difficult to manage extra time to go to the gym, not to mention the extra cost of gas and club fees.

With the Ab Rocket it saves you money, and allows you the flexibility of working out on your time schedule. With proper usage of just 5 minutes a day, you can get toned having firmer, stronger, sexier abs. Whether you multi-task and workout while catching up on your favorite TV series, listen to your kids, or significant others day, or just workout before you leave the house in the morning Ab Rocket is the way to go.

E-asy storage Folds up making it compact and portable, not to mention lightweight

A-bdominal workout - Targets the upper, middle, lower abdominals and side obliques

S-imple to use, while taking the strain off your neck and back.

Y-ears of saving money, time while maintaining good health.

It also has 3 resistance cylinders, so you can start at your own fitness level. My personal favorite is its rolling cushions gives you a back massage while working out.

It also comes with an instructional DVD, a low calorie meal plan, along with mouthwatering low calorie recipes to get you started on a healthier lifestyle.